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I started my career in 2003 at the Children’s School Los Enanitos, in the Municipality of Telde, with the help and experience of a family member who had four nurseries on the island of Lanzarote for several years.

We started and still continue with the method of early stimulation of Glenn Doman endorsing its benefits for infants during these 15 years. During all this time, families have demanded the continuity of the education levels. That is why, for several years we have been progressing step by step in this project.

Also, I am still on the same path as the family member who helped me. Nowadays they have two important schools in Lanzarote, the four-languages international school Daos and the British school Queen’s School, giving, as its name suggests, great importance to the foreign language.

Given that today foreign languages are almost essential in any job, we want to train infants from their early years with a native British methodology in a natural way, which goes in parallel with their psycho-evolutionary development.

Inmaculada Nuez

Our mission

    • Prepare our students for an education in the United Kingdom, Spain and other countries with a high academic level.
    • Develop habits of individual and team work, effort and responsibility in their studies, as well as attitudes of self-confidence, critical thinking, personal initiative, curiosity, interest and creativity in learning, and entrepreneurial spirit.
    • Acquire skills for prevention and for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, which allow them to develop autonomously in the family and domestic environment, as well as in the social groups with which they are related.
    • Learn, understand and respect different cultures and differences between people, equal rights and opportunities for men and women and non-discrimination of people with functional diversity.
    • Learn and use the English and Spanish language appropriately.
    • Start using and learning, Information and Communication Technologies.
    • Maximize the individual potential of each student.

Importance of English

Speaking English allows us to expand our borders from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from all countries. Anywhere in the world, you can find someone who speaks English. Counting only the countries where the English language is the official language, the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the Caribbean countries, there would be more than 400 million native speakers of English.

An adequate level of English is not only elegant, but also a possibility to continue studies and specialisations in the best universities in the world, which in fact are in English speaking countries.


As entrepreneurs, one of our future objectives is the extension of the stages in the English School Shakespeare School, which goes from Primary level to Secondary and Baccalaureate, an objective in which we are already working on.

We want our students to be highly qualified to perform what they wish to be in their lives, both at work, with a rigorous English curriculum, without forgetting our native language. On a personal level, providing the ethical and moral values necessary to be an exemplary citizen.

History of the Logo

The logo of Shakespeare, designed by Isleta Design Studio, tries to express through its symbols the most significant aspects of the British literature, aspects closely related to its most illustrious name: William Shakespeare.

The phoenix is ​​undoubtedly a well-known symbol in European literatures and also in the verses of Shakespeare; lives, dies and resurfaces from its ashes, representing the perseverance of the students during their formative career, an important aspect that allows them to build a solid career. The values ​​also represent the Infant School, Los Enanitos, which has grown and wants to continue growing.

The feather quill pen is the symbol of British literature and Shakespeare, being the fundamental means to express, shape and create new knowledge from the study.

The mythological element complete the corporate image of the school together with the book, the only defense weapon of the student, the knowledge that gives value to his thoughts and his actions as a person.

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