British System Similarities to the Spanish System

At Shakespeare School we start with the EYFS, Nursery (3 and 4 years old) and Reception (4 and 5 years old) stages, which correspond to the first and second courses of the Second Cycle for Children in Spain.

Sistema de equivalencias entre Británico y Español

The Early Years Foundation Stage includes the education and care of children aged between 3 and 5 years. The Early Years curriculum continues with the Reception class, when the student is 4 years old. The Reception class is a class that is normally formed with Shakespeare School students already enrolled coming from the Nursery class, and new students who join our Center. It is a very good year to introduce yourself to the British curriculum as it prepares students for the beginning of the Curriculum in Year 1.

Early Years learning focuses on 7 main and specific areas:

The learning areas are:

We work in close collaboration with families, offering them the possibility to participate actively in many of the school’s activities, and, therefore, in the education of their children.

The spaces of the school, both indoor and outdoor, are specially designed to encourage creative, imaginative and entertaining learning, so that children learn through games, pose questions, solve problems, learn to use technology and develop critical thinking. We supervise all the activities and progress of each child, which in turn allows us to design new stimulating learning opportunities for each student.

One of the key factors of our work is to develop the communication skills and the learning of the English language in particular, in addition to the native language of the student.

The primary education stage continues with the established British curriculum.

This stage is from Year 1 to Year 6.

The British curriculum is taught in English and the foreign language (Spanish)  in Spanish. The areas taught at this stage are: